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KMET 1490-AM/FM 98.1
700 East Redlands Blvd.
Suite U,  PMB 323
Redlands, CA 92373

Sales & Marketing: 909-553-4436

Office:  951-402-5305

Mitch McClellan     General Manager
Bill Bruns               Director of Marketing
Paul Lane               Bureau Chief
Aaron Sanchez       Social Media Director

Sean Nickerson      Program Director

Jesse Sanchez       Studio Engineer

Denny Brougher     Studio Engineer




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KMET 1490-AM is a 1000 watt, day and night, radio station. The broadcast facility is strategically located in the Pass Area near Palm Springs, California. KMET 1490-AM serves an estimated 3.5 million people living in the station's terrestrial broadcast area, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Our primary audience is that of 35 years and older and is estimated at 318,998 weekly listeners. The California Public Utilities Commission estimates the 1-10 corridor traffic carries over 610,000 vehicles per day from Redlands to Palm Springs.


KMET 1490-AM also streams on the Internet at The station provides an opportunity for local and independent broadcasters to offer their programs to the general public. Programming also includes syndicated radio talk show hosts, professional Southern California sports teams and public affairs programming.


KMET 1490-AM is part of the 25th largest U.S. radio market, Riverside/San Bernardino, California, according to Nielsen Audio. For advertising and program opportunities, call 909-553-4436, or email us at

KMET 1490-AM is also broadcasting on translator 98.1FM in the Pass Area of Southern California.

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Where the listeners are...

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  Top 10 US Markets                        Top 10 International Cities                        Top 10 Countries

  1) Los Angeles                                 1) Makati, Philippines                                 1) United States

  2) Washington, DC                         2) Mexico City                                              2) Philippines

  3) San Francisco                             3) London                                                      3) Canada

  4) New York                                    4) Ixtapaluca, Mexico                                   4) Mexico

  5) Sacramento                                 5) Shanghai                                                   5) United Kingdom

  6) Omaha                                         6) Gochang, So. Korea                                 6) China

  7) Palm Springs                               7) Ansan, So. Korea                                      7) South Korea

  8) San Diego                                     8) Aktobe, Kazakhstan                                 8) Germany

  9) Dallas-Ft. Worth                         9) Edmonton, Canada                                   9) Russian Federation

10) Chicago                                      10) Duncan, B.C., Canada                            10) Australia