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 Advertising 2020


KMET 1490-AM Seasonal Package and 60 Second Commercials

Broadcast schedule is minimum 16 weeks.


For each 60 second commercial purchased on prime time during 8:00am-4:00pm, KMET 1490-AM will bonus two commercials for each one purchased. A 10% discount will be applied if agreement is paid in full. Your logo will be placed and linked on KMET 1490-AM web site’s ‘Sponsor Page’ and ‘General Store’. A large promotional banner at the top of the KMET website and linked to your business website is an additional $100.00 per month. Commercial production costs are included. Agreement must be signed during the summer season!


Minimum 20 monthly 60 second commercials purchased @ $20.00 each               =   $400.00

Bonus 20 monthly 60 second commercials at KMET’s expense (no cost, value       =   $400.00)


Total minimum monthly cost is $400.00. Broadcast schedule is 16 weeks.


Our broadcast facility is strategically located in the Pass Area near Palm Springs. The station serves an estimated 3.5 million people living in the station’s terrestrial broadcast area, per the U.S.  Census Bureau. KMET 1490-AM is an ABC News Radio affiliate for the Inland Empire. The Riverside/San Bernardino Market is now the 25th largest metro market per Nielsen Ratings Service. KMET-AM was nominated as ‘Radio or Television Station of the Year’ for 2016 by The Inland Empire American Advertising Federation.


The California Public Utilities Commission estimates the I-10 corridor traffic carries and over 600,000 vehicles per day from Redlands to Palm Springs. We established listenership data for days of the week through Secure Net Systems Internet Service and the most recent statistics from Solutions Broadcast Media Group. Secure Net Systems is the service that provides KMET 1490-AM’s streaming.


There has been an increase of 50% on-line and mobile listeners overall to the station since Summer 2015, through data from Secure Net Systems. The overall weekly station listenership is estimated to be around 292,960 people terrestrially and on-line. We attribute this to our programming line-up since the beginning of last year and the affiliation with ABC Radio News. Programming includes the Morning Show, The Clark Howard Show, The Dave Ramsey Show & The Tom Sullivan Show. 


Bill Bruns

Phone: 909-553-4436

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