Your Own Show

Here is what you receive 

for a 53 minute weekly           program:

Inquiries at: 

Sample Podcast

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a) Your picture, or logo on the front page bottom scroll & linked

b) Audio podcast of your show

c) KMET-TV Internet video and video capture if you use SKYPE                     

d) Streaming on the Internet

e) Your own program page with a link to your web site

f)  30 second program promos

g) Social media promotion

h) Your own studio engineer at the radio station

i)  Press releases to local media outlets and newspapers

j)  Our help!


Your sponsors can be listed and linked to their websites!

When you SKYPE your show, you are on the Internet live and also the video is recorded!

KMET 1490-AM is part of the 25th largest U.S. radio market, Riverside/San Bernardino, California, according to Nielsen Audio. For advertising and program opportunities, email us at