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Want to host your own radio show? You can do so from California, or other part of the country as well. 

If you are interested in our brokered radio station's air time, email us at Here is what we offer:


  • a live studio engineer

  • SKYPE audio & video hook-up feeds for the 53 minute program following ABC Radio News    

  • three available call-in phone lines to interview people (951) 922-3532

  • programmer page on the KMET 1490-AM  website, with link to your web site

  • streaming on the Internet during the broadcast 

  • Live Stream Video over the Internet & recorded on KMET-TV

  • SoundCloud program podcast

  • program & social media promos 

Specialty Show Page

M-F 1:00pm

Wrench Nation.jpg

Join the award-winning automotive lifestyle platform with Frank, Susie & Gregg every Saturday morning for the Wrench Nation show with special guests from all over the world!

Wrench Nation

Monday 1:00 pm

Julie in yellow.jpg


Tuesday 1:00 pm 

Angels and Awakening

Julie Jancius is on a mission to teach you how to connect with your intuition, angels, and loved ones on the Other Side to make living "Heaven on Earth."

Hometown Heroes - Copy.jpg

Hometown Heroes is a weekly radio show honoring the men and women whose service and sacrifice have secured our freedom. The program features interviews with veterans primarily from the World War II generation.

Hometown Heroes

Wednesday  1:00 pm  

Talk with Audrey - Audrey Adams.jpg

Thursday 1:00 pm  

TALK! with Audrey

Every week, Audrey Adams provides thought-provoking and interesting interviews with celebrities, experts and author's from the beauty, health, fitness, financial, travel and lifestyle industries. 

Checkered Flag.jpg
Las Vegas Checkered Flag

Las Vegas Checkered Flag  is a radio show that covers the best of auto racing from Nevada.

Friday 10:00 am  


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