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Coach Lynn Show

Thursdays 10:00am

     The Coach Lynn Show  features a “beloved” radio personality of over 15 years! Coach Lynn is special because she 'pushes the envelope' by featuring the messages of strengthening America and our communities by examining the policies or messages that divisively pull us apart. 

     She is one of the rare trusted and sensible radio talk show Big Talkers on the air!  Coach Lynn is a Certified Master Life/Executive Coach who was trained by the founders of the Coaching Industry. The prestigious Coaches Training Institute and has been a beloved part of talk radio for over 15 years.

     Coach Lynn has been celebrated in Forbes and was named as a 'Game Changer in Business'. Her media company was recognized by Fortune Magazine, where she was named “The Pinnacle Professional of the Year”.  

     Her work in social justice and with families has earned her five Mayoral Proclamations and an appointment as a Presidential Partner under President Barack Obama.

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