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Audrey Adams




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Dear Friends,


Professionally, I am the sum total of experiences in the modeling, fashion, publishing and multi-media industries. My agency bookings included commercials, runway and advertising gigs. I worked for a successful clothing designer and was a corporate executive with Essence magazine. Currently I am the executive producer of Talk! with AUDREY and publisher of The Adams Report, which is disseminated through newspapers, magazines, radio and the internet.

Personally, I am young enough to enjoy Beyonce and Buble and old enough to love Sarah and Sinatra. My dress size went up at the same time that my two income lifestyle was cut down. A painful divorce shattered my family structure, emotions, finances and social status. But the shattering was actually good for me. I picked up the pieces and rebuilt myself into an independent woman with a new attitude.

I have the equivalent of a PH.D. from the School of Life. My training has prepared me well for my current role which is to inspire and empower women—and it starts right here, right now!

All the Best,

Audrey Adams




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