Advertising 2022


KMET 1490-AM & 98.1FM
 Advertising Package & 30 Second Commercials

For each 30 second commercial purchased on prime time during 7:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday, KMET-AM/FM will bonus one commercial for each one purchased.  The minimum 16-week Advertising Package purchase is $300.00 per month, for four months. Your logo will be placed and linked on KMET-AM/FM website’s Sponsor Page. Commercial production costs and a five minute interview on a M-F

8:00am Morning Show are included. 


Minimum 20 monthly commercials purchased @ $15.00 each              =   $300.00

Bonus 20 monthly commercials at KMET’s expense (no cost, value      =   $300.00)


Four monthly payments of $300.00. Ten (10%) discount if total agreement is paid advance. Sample broadcast schedule is 16 weeks.

1) Estimated average overall weekly station listeners = 327,499

2) Estimated daily online & terrestrial listeners


    6:00am-10:00am    87,320

                                                                                                                        10:00am-3:00pm    84,552


    3:00pm-  7:00pm    85,350

3) 60% of KMET-AM/FM listeners have gone to college

     53% are male / 47% female

     50% are between 25 & 54

     66% enjoy sports (RAMS & Lakers)

     50% make between 45K & 75K 

     with 42% owning their own homes


4) Desktops account for 53% of online listener use and 

    47% of KMET listeners use Android, iOS phones,

    tablets, and other devices & for listening.


    The most listened on-line U.S. cities are Los Angeles                           followed by Omaha, Washington, D.C. & San Francisco.

     According to Statista, 58% of the U.S. are online radio


5) Foreign Countries include: The United Kingdom, Finland, Canada      and Australia accounting for 20% of on-line listeners

Bill Bruns


Phone: 909-553-4436



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