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Valerie Van de Zilver

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Broker address:

   17601 17th St #130
   Tustin, CA 92780


   Cell phone:  (714) 334-9156

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   Valerie Van de Zilver is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of credit reporting, mortgage and real estate industries.

As an expert in mortgage lending, consumer credit and real estate law, Valerie serves as a consultant for those involved in credit disputes.

   Valerie has many years of experience in the consumer credit and lending industries including positions with national mortgage, real estate and homebuilding firms.

Valerie has been licensed for over 33 years, is currently the broker of her own real estate and mortgage companies.

   She has managed the credit and approval process including consumer interview, communicating with data furnishers to validate credit file accuracies and disputed resolution results.

Ageless with Valerie V 

Valerie Van de Zilver

Mondays  3:00pm PT 
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Valerie's Vacation Rentals creates magical vacations in Orange County, California. Every property we manage is unique and we provide superior service to every customer. When you rent a home with us, you immediately establish personal connections with an expert team that has been managing properties and creating spectacular vacations for over two decades.

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