Polka Tom

Tom's Polka Party

Tom Haslett was born and raised in Polka Country, Altoona, PA and graduated from Altoona High School in 1978. He later graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh in 1982 with a BSME degree in Mechanical Engineering

Tom began his career in aerospace at McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis after graduation and retired in 2019 at Northrup Grumman in California.

Tom started his announcing career at a local Redlands community radio station in the mid 90's. Tom later produced polka shows for local Inland Empire commercial radio stations, spinning the polka hit's that he had listened to with his father back in Altoona.

Tom's Polka Party explores polka, waltzes and ethnic music featuring the accordion. Slovenian, Czech, German, Polish, Mexican and many more styles can be heard.

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