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The show began on a Los Angeles-based web radio station in early 2001 where it remained for five years until moving to the Inland Empire and to terrestrial radio each Saturday beginning in 2006, on KCAA 1050-AM. It was one of their top weekend shows. It ended there on July 14th, 2012.

The show you've heard me do has always been described as 'variety,' 'magazine format,' even 'controversial.' Almost from its inception, there have been a stable of co-hosts joining me on the show, along with numerous segment contributors.

When my show moved from the internet to KCAA, it moved quickly. I kept my original cast and added a few others over time. A guest that I had on quite often was Peter Ford (son of the late actor, Glenn Ford).

In the '90's, KIEV 870-AM in Los Angeles had a two-hour Monday night program called The Peter Ford Show, and there was nothing like it. I was glued to my radio because I never knew what was coming at me from week to week. One night, Ford would have a gripping round-table discussion about the horrors of child sexual abuse. The following week he might interview actors in a 'Whatever became of' segment.

Whether it was an author that told a compelling story or two sides in a spirited debate over a hotly contested issue, it was always two hours, one topic and plenty of time to tackle that topic. I couldn't help but to think that if Peter's show went away, somebody might pick up his mantle and carry it on. I never fancied myself a talk show host. I was a music jock, having interned at KWIZ in Orange County and was on the air on the old KQLH 95.1 FM - now K-Frog. Not to mention, nightclub spinner at The Righteous Brothers Hop.

In the early 2000's an opportunity came along to shift gears from doing music to doing talk.


My whole Many Moods concept was based on what I perceived Peter Ford's show to be. For over a decade, I was swept up in a show that became multi-topical in the space of three hours. It became what it became and it was all to the good. However in the almost six years that I've been off the air, I was always reminded of one thing. I never had a chance to do the show that gave me the impetus to be a talk host in the first place. This time, I'll be doing it.

My thanks to KMET 1490-AM and the powers that be, Mitch McClellan and Bill Bruns for staying after me and making me feel like a welcome addition to their great line-up! Above-all, thanks for offering me this two-hour Friday morning time slot. It's the perfect length, not to mention a conducive format in which to take on a different topic each week and sometimes, be able to work solo. Most weeks, alternating co-hosts Rod Hurt and Michael Dewald join me. 

You can listen from 9:00am-11:00am Pacific on Friday's.  If you miss a live show, simply click the orange SoundCloud button for audio podcasts. To find out what's coming up on The Many Moods, go to:


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