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Thursdays 9:00am PT

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Season 2 Finale ~ Live April 8th
Thursdays 9:00am PT

If you missed a show, not to worry.  Just click the Soundcloud podcast button on this page.  All episodes include the date of broadcast and a description of topics and guests.  Speaking of that, if you planned to listen live on Thursday morning, you can get announcements for that upcoming show by heading over to The Vince Daniels Show Facebook page every Wednesday evening.  Simply click the Facebook logo here on this page.  Better yet, when you go to the Facebook page, be sure to click the LIKE or LIKE PAGE button (depending on whether you're using a PC or phone).  Doing so will ensure that the announcements automatically arrive in your newsfeed.


Mid mornings in the talk radio world are usually made up of nationally syndicated shows and very little in the way of anything that sounds local. Broadcasting from the Southern California Inland Empire radio market, The Vince Daniels Show airs every Thursday morning from 9:00am to 10:00am Pacific Time here on Smart-Talk 1490 KMET-AM, in addition to streaming worldwide at To listen live, you'll see the button located on this page.


Vince not only takes on local issues, but with the help of his show regulars, Rod Hurt and Michael Dewald, he also devotes his time to delving in to a single topic - be it political, conspiracy theory, religious, sociological or controversial in nature.  He considers his program to be one that offers A Voice for the Voiceless.  Jeff Davis occasionally joins in for the popular segment, "Whatever Became of the Mainstream Media."


If you have any suggestions for show topics or just have something to say, don't hesitate to email Vince at:  He's good about responding quickly to his mail.   You can also chime-in when the show is Live every Thursday morning starting at 9:00 am Pacific - following ABC Radio News -  by calling (951) 922-3532.

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