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Thursdays & Fridays  9:00 am PT


Contact Name: Brian Westley Johnson

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Phone: (301) 892-6825


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After traveling the world as an enterprising business development professional for almost 30 years, Brian Westley Johnson founded Soulivity. With a renewed sense of purpose, Brian is now dedicated to a new mission—delivering informative editorial, and inspiring people to live life with purpose, passion, and joy.


This Morning with Soulivity

This Morning with Soulivity is all about real conversations with the people, places, and topics that are part of our everyday life. Each broadcast includes a multi-facet panel of Soulivity hosts discussing current events or important issues.


The program features phenomenal voices from around the world, who provide deeper analysis and insights about living a high quality today.





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Brian Westley Johnson & Staff

Top left: D'Angelo Thompson, Teresa Greco & Candace Harper

Top right: Sheila Applegate, Dr. Chanel DeGuzman & Tami Gaines

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