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   Tuesdays  4:00 pm PT

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   Yvette Walker is bilingual in Spanish, a Southern California native and owner of Premier Marketing & Public Relations, a full-service, digital media and traditional media marketing and public relations firm with over 20 years’ experience in communications and marketing in product development, branding & local and international marketing.

   An active member of the community, Yvette has served the City of Upland as Chair of the Community Development Block Grant Committee from 2012-’16, is a past Planning Commissioner for the City of Upland, CA. (2016-’20). 

The  Southern California Business Report



The Southern California Business Report is a show dedicated to highlighting successful businesses and the people behind them in Southern California.  Businesses featured will include all sectors of our economy, from a consumer discretionary list that includes food, entertainment, automotive, healthcare goods and services to treat patients to technology, and much, much more!  

From San Luis Obispo to San Diego, Yvette Walker will be interviewing the incredible people behind these businesses that range from awe-inspiring sole proprietors to world-renowned organizations. 

The Southern California Business Report, with a broad-coverage area, can be heard live on KMET 1490-AM/FM 98.1, an ABC News Radio Affiliate Station, and watched on Internet KMET-TV anywhere in the world. View online with the click of a button. Download the free KMET app today for HD quality on your phone and devices. 


   Tuesdays  4:00 pm PT

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Be a Guest:

Contact Yvette if you or a colleague are affiliated with a successful business that is based or serves Southern California. We want to talk!


Become a select advertiser and amplify your message to millions throughout Southern California. Yvette makes it simple.  Let's talk!

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