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Paul Amadeus Lane

Over 20 years ago, after being involved in a multi car collision, Paul ended up spending eight months in a hospital recovering. Following recovery that left him a C-6 Quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair, Paul attended the Academy of Radio and Television Broadcasting that launched his broadcst career. Read more about Paul  >>> 

   Entertainment Zone      
Mondays 10:00am  PT

Entertainment Zone is the newest endeavor with host Paul Amadeus Lane. In Entertainment Zone, Paul tackles groundbreaking news and interviews pertinent to the entertainment world. Entertainment Zone is the show to listen to if you are looking for inside access to all trending media including interviews and news involving actors, musicians, comedians, and social media influencers. Entertainment Zone will stream digitally with episodes available on ABC News Radio KMET 1490-AM/FM 98.1.

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Christina Benjamin



Tech Zone

Wednesdays 3:00pm PT

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Currently, Paul hosts Tech Zone, a podcast and radio show on ABC News Radio KMET 1490-AM, bringing the most current technological advances to his listeners.

Paul has long been a self proclaimed nerd and techie. When January of 2016 came around, he decided to use his love for all things nerdy on his new show, Tech Zone. On the Tech Zone he is able to discuss technology and how it has changed everyday life, entertainment, sports, health and education.


This opportunity came after covering and serving as a judge for the Consumer Electronics Show. For seven years, Paul broadcast live shows that were focused on technology and how it has benefited all including the physically challenged community and their families.

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