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     On Here’s To Your Health with Joshua Lane, you hear fresh

ideas about beauty, fitness & longevity. Some of the show’s

guests include:

Norma Kamali  Fashion Designer
Kim Alexis   Model, the Face of Revlon
Suzanne Somers  Three’s Company
Peter Lamas  Celebrity Hair Stylist
Cory Oliver   God’s Not Dead
Joyce Moran  Wellness Coach for YOUTHEORY
John Harrison introduced Japanese Matcha Green Tea to the United States
Jolie Root Nutritionist for CARLSON Fish Oils
Zach Bush, M.D.
Michael Smith, M.D.  Life Extension
Judy Mikovits, PhD  Plague Of Corruption
Kent Heckenlively, J.D.
Jeff Kerr    People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals
Patricia Rillera   Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Scott Tips  The National Health Federation

     Intelligent talk about: beautiful hair, skin & nails, celebrity chefs, exercise, food, supplements, maintaining a healthy home and office environment, essential oils, emotional wellness, pet care and fun.
Tune in you will be glad you did.



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