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Saturdays 8:30 am

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Daily Spark

      with Dr. Angela
Saturdays 8:30am Pacific Time

Daily Spark with Dr. Angela is a vibrant radio show hosted by Dr. Angela Butts Chester, focusing on personal development, spirituality, and wellness. With motivational interviews and practical advice, Dr. Angela enlightens, inspires and empowers listeners to lead fulfilling lives.

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Dr. Angela Butts Chester is a powerhouse in women's empowerment, committed to guiding purpose-driven transformations worldwide. With over two decades of experience as a Pastoral Counselor in Long Beach, California, she empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and embrace abundant living.


As the host of the acclaimed talk shows Daily Spark with Dr. Angela and Daily Spark TV, she shares motivational insights and actionable strategies for personal growth.


Dr. Angela is also the Editor-in-Chief of PASSIONEER Magazine, amplifying the voices of women leaders through her platform. Recognized for her impactful work, she continues to inspire and uplift, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of empowerment and personal development.


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