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Julie Jancius

     In Angels and Awakening,  Julie Jancius,  known as The Angel Medium™, will show you how to step into Oneness with Spirit or God energy. Julie is a psychic medium, Angel Reiki Master Teacher, and host of Angels and Awakening.


     Julie founded the Angel Reiki Energy Healing method, which bridges mediumship with angel messages and energy healing. Having taught over 500 students in this unique method, Julie's expertise is unparalleled.



Angels and Awakening

Wednesdays 4:00pm PT

Like you, Julie Jancius did not automatically know how to communicate with Angels. She discovered this skill as an adult and has made it her life purpose to teach others how to hone their connection with God energy and the angels.

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Interested in developing all your unique, God-given spiritual gifts? Join Julie's Angel Reiki School. 



Curious about what your angels are saying to you? Book a session with Julie or her trained team members.

If you're eager to work directly with your angels and become your own angel messenger, consider joining Julie's Angel Membership to learn how to bring through messages for yourself every day. 

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     Julie Jancius is on a mission to teach you how to connect with your intuition, angels, and loved ones on the Other Side to make living "Heaven on Earth." Hosting the top #5 spiritual podcast worldwide, "Angels and Awakening," she is also the author of a bestselling book by the same name.

     In 2015, Julie experienced what she initially thought was her going crazy when she suddenly began hearing her intuition clearly and seeing visions. It turned out that her estranged father had passed away on the same day her visions started, and he had been communicating with her before Julie even knew of his passing.

     With over 7,000 sessions conducted, Julie regularly works with CEOs, celebrities, and influencers. She has also collaborated with more than 300 world-renowned spiritual experts, including Neale Donald Walsch, who graciously offered to write the foreword for her book.

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