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Paul J. Wallin

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WK Legal Power Hour

with Paul J. Wallin

Having legal knowledge is critical in 2021. If you want to win

your case or help others win their case you will want to listen to the

WK Law Power Hour for very important legal information from Wallin & Klarich’s Senior Partner, Paul J. Wallin.

In this show, Paul discusses a wide range of important legal matters including criminal matters such as DUI, child dependency, DMV hearings, traffic tickets and much, much more! Tune in to get your own legal questions answered as well to hear from many experienced guests who will take you inside the world of the criminal justice and child dependency court system. 



Paul Wallin is one of the most highly

experienced and respected criminal defense

and child dependency attorneys in Southern California. He has been an attorney for 43 years and has been the senior partner of Wallin and Klarich since 1981.

Paul has been aggressively defending persons accused of all crimes for over four decades and he fights for the rights of parents who have had their children taken from them by social workers. He provides supervision and training to the ten lawyers that work together at Wallin and Klarich to protect their client’s legal rights.

About the Host - Paul J. Wallin



      The moment you contact our firm we commit to:

  • Treating you and your family with respect at all times.

  • Keeping you and your family informed during your case.

  • Returning your phone calls or emails within 24 hours. We have an attorney on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in case an urgent matter arises in your case.

  • Working hard to achieve the best result possible in your case.


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Criminal defense and child dependency law are the heart of Wallin & Klarich and we are very passionate about representing those who need legal help after being charged with a crime or having their child taken from them. 

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