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The Del Walmsley Radio Show

Monday-Friday  4:00 pm 

Wealth building through real estate investments begins with one house at a time. Often, when you hear people talk about real estate investing they are talking big numbers. You hear about the millions to be made in the market, especially now when everyone is buying. You hear stories about the people who own 50 or more single family homes or bought a package of 10 investment properties. You hear about the people who syndicate large apartment deals or buy a smaller apartment complex of their own. What gets lost in the hype is that the vast majority of these investors began with just one house.

My story, like many successful real estate investors, begins with one small house in Texas. It took me awhile to buy this house. I made lots of offers before one was accepted, and I walked away from a few deals for a variety of reasons, most of which had more to do with fear than with the numbers. Finally, one of my mentors looked me in the eye and said, “buy this house or I will buy it myself.” So, I bought a house that no one else would buy, held my breath (and my stomach because the butterflies were giving me a stomach ache) and signed on the proverbial dotted line.


We are well on our way to living the lifestyle we desire. Where are you?

Find a mentor you can trust, one who has successfully invested in real estate through both the up and down markets. Develop your own personal road map from the J-O-B to the retirement of your dreams. Take the first step along your personal road to success by buying one property. Then buy another, and another, and another. Wealth building through real estate investments begins with one house at a time!

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