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Crystal, The Patriot Kitty

 Crystal (Dave's ten-year-old odd-eyed Turkish Angora) was a show cat back in Maryland when she was one. She is a relative of some of the 60 Turkish Angoras involved in a horrific hoarding case on Long Island who have since found homes after being in a rehabilitation center there.

Wednesdays 10:00am PT

Beginning in December 2008 following John McCain's disastrous run for President, Dave started his talk show on a small, now-defunct Texas station. He soon moved the show to BlogTalkRadio, then to a family-run station in Idaho and then back to BTR.


'The Dave Levine Show' moved to AM radio on December 10, 2013 at KCAA-AM in Loma Linda, CA.


The show moved to its present home, KMET 1490-AM/FM 98.1, in March of 2015. Levine continues doing his show on Wednesday mornings at 10:00am on KMET AM/FM 'The Dave Levine Show' is a law-and-order talk show dedicated to stopping the invasion from Mexico.

Some of Dave's recent guests include Matt Braynard, Prof. David Clements,  Mark Finchem,  Garland Favorito, Joe Oltmann, Kate Dalley, Dr. Lee Merritt, Lawrence Sellin, Steve Kirsch & Ret. US Army General Don Bolduc.


Dave is also a small business owner, a former voice coach and a long-time performing artist. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also an avid cat lover and is very involved with helping a cat rehabilitation center on Long Island which took in over 60 emaciated and abused Turkish Angora cats.


Dave is the proud owner of Crystal, 'The Patriot Kitty’, a 10-year-old Turkish Angora. Crystal's relatives are some of those abused cats in the Barrett Abuse Case on Long Island. Dave is a strong advocate for increasing criminal penalties for animal cruelty and abuse.


   Dave is very involved with donations and getting others to donate to that Long Island shelter that brings these amazing, beautiful cats back to good health and then finds homes for them.

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