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Sundays 8:30am PT


Stephanie was born and raised in the Inland Empire. Shortly after joining a major community page on social media, she was given the opportunity to hit the town providing video interviews with new businesses and host for community events.

     Branching out, Stephanie joined a local radio show, co-hosting for over two years. She has now decided to get back out in the community, highlighting new businesses, community events and bringing the "’you’ into fun. 

    Tune in to Living the IE with Stephanie, Sunday mornings 8:30am to find out what’s coming up in the week ahead and discover something new, or to do in your community.

Living the IE with Stephanie

Living the IE with Stephanie

Wondering what to do? Check out Living the IE with Stephanie and you might just discover something new to do around you. Stephanie is live every Sunday morning at 8:30am PT!

You can also catch the replay via SoundCloud podcast.

Sundays 8:30am PT

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