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Sha'ron & Skip

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The Psychic Spectrum Radio Show

Fridays  9:00am 

Skip & Sha'ron have been married for 46 years.

They have devoted the majority of their lives to helping others, in one capacity or another.

They formed the Psychic Spectrum in 1998 as a means to teach "The Entire Spectrum" in the Metaphysical and the Paranormal.

They do this through conducting 21 live events each month, that you can attend and, all the while learning and participating in a safe, comfortable, and protected environment.

Skip & Sha'ron are strongly committed to ethical practices and operate only 
in The White Light.

Sha'ron & Skip have performed over 50,000 readings.

They have clients in 44 states, and in 8 countries.

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Live Fridays 9:00am PT


Call-in Line 


Fridays 9:00am PT

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