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Julie Talks Money
For the Flows in Your Financial Life
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This is not just another show about savings and being debt free. Every week on Julie Talks Money, Julie Falen and her guests bring you next-level information and strategies about money, assets and investing. The financial information discussed on the show can help you make more money, grow it, keep it and protect it at every age and stage of life.


Increase your financial literacy with Julie Talks Money. An active investor, instructor and highly experienced real estate lending and loan specialist, Julie Falen is a coach to new investors, a speaker to groups interested in real estate investing and general wealth building. The shows podcasts are available on SoundCloud.

Licensed in real estate since 2002 and a former investment advisor representative with Series 63 and 65 SEC licenses and life-licensed, Julie is uniquely qualified and positioned to speak to realtors, investors loan officers and curious new investors about hard money and non-conventional loans using stated income, and how they can be beneficial to investing strategies, as well as how to utilize IRAs and insurance for investing and retirement wealth.

Julie is passionate in her purpose to help people, especially women, to become more financially literate and to be prepared for a wealthier lifestyle now and for retirement later. In her radio show, she brings her incredible and extensive network of experts garnered over more than 16 years and asks them to share their knowledge, strategies, tips and insights about making money, Learn how to grow wealth and keep it through real estate, stocks, collectibles and various savings vehicles and technology.


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