Italian Escapade with Giovanni


Well-travelled, Giovanni Angeloro has been collecting art since his twenties. In 2013, he attended the conferences of three American painters - Peter Max, Marcus Glenn, and Domenic Pangborn - at an art auction in Boston, Massachusetts. After having a conversation with Domenic Pangborn, Giovanni was inspired to release and share his artistic imagination through painting. ​

Giovanni was awarded a Silver Medal for abstract painting Les Roses de la Muse at the 31st International Contest of Visual Art CAPESQ held in Montreal in April 2015. Giovanni also received a Certificate of Honour for his painting Riccordati di Me and for his contribution to promoting Canadian art on the world stage at La Diversità Dell’arte exhibition held at Galleria la Pigna, Palazzo Maffei Marescotti in the State of Vatican City enclave within the city of Rome in Italy.  

Now, Giovanni wants to share his Italian heritage and culture through his own radio program. The show is devoted to the history, the arts, the accomplishments of the individuals that have shaped and continue to shape the Italian identity abroad.



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   Thursdays  9:00am