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   Matt Malouf is a part time real

estate and crypto currency Investor and Author with a professional degree in Engineering from USC.

   He is father of five beautiful children aged from 5-29 year olds and a spouse to his loving wife. Matt is a spirited, outgoing and fun spirited person, who is tremendously passionate about productivity and living a happy life.

   Professionally, Matt Malouf has worked as an engineer for over two decades. However, Matt's zeal for problem-solving led him to explore building wealth in the real estate industry.

   There are many parallels to project management and infrastructure development to real estate investing. Mostly the innovative problem solving aspect and helping people live better lives. Today, he is an expert, self-taught real estate and crypto investor.

   In collaboration with his spouse, Matt Malouf supports a women's group and children's education in an under-privileged community in Central America.

Contact: 909-747-9039

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The IE Crypto Show, Thursdays at 9:00am PT,  is designed for small businesses and families in the Inland Empire. Let’s talk Bitcoin! Let’s talk Bitcoin for small businesses and Bitcoin for families.


The IE Crypto Show is a weekly therapy session on all things Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Crypto Currencies

and how they might benefit small businesses and

families in the Inland Empire. The world is rapidly

changing and quickly accelerating towards a digital

space and those who do not adapt will be left behind.

Let’s not fall behind in this brave new world and

explore Bitcoin and related disruptive technologies together. 


Bitcoin is money built for the digital world. Bitcoin is sound money and has a place in your life. Where? Tune in weekly and let’s chat. Let’s see how to leverage Bitcoin to increase our profits, protect our wealth and move towards a prosperous Inland Empire. 


We will use Matt's patented TERM 'Analysis' to chat and work through this together. Save the economy, Invest with Matt!



Matt Malouf

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