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The Dave Weinbaum Show




Two weeks before Dave’s father, Melvin Weinbaum, died of prostate cancer,
Mel told Dave he wished he’d done more with his talents.

Listening to his dad’s lament spurred Dave to begin writing shortly after
Mel’s passing in 1993. Dave began writing one liners like he was Forrest Gump
crisscrossing the country — only Dave is still going.

Thus far he’s authored 44,000 original quotes and jokes. A small portion of
Dave’s one liners have been published in the National Enquirer, Reader’s
Digest, Forbes, various newspapers, hundreds of thousands of Internet sites,
and random bathroom walls around the world. Dave started doing calendars of
HIS favorite originals in 1999.

Dave has added a few new wrinkles to his life other than the obvious facial
ones. He has written political op-eds, many of them humorous and satirical, that
have been published in the prestigious Jewish World Review and various other
publications for the last five years.


Dave is featured alongside of many of the legends in political analysis, including Charles Krauthammer, Nat Hentoff, George Will, Diana West, Jack Kelley, Cal Thomas, Larry Elder, Michelle Malkin, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Steyn, John Stossel, Ann Coulter, and Thomas Sowell.  

The Dave Weinbaum Show

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