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The Dr. Mitch Show


Dr. Mitchell Ghen has 30 plus years of experience in anti-aging and holistic and integrative medicine. Along with his work in nutritional medicine,  “Dr. Mitch” has a remarkable amount of experience as an expert clinician and researcher in the field of stem cell transplantation.

In addition to being a physician, Dr. Mitch holds a Master’s Degree in Biomechanical Trauma and has a Ph.D. in nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology.   He is an international lecturer on oral and IV nutrition and stem cell transplantation and is recognized as one of the premier teachers at conferences and seminars on integrative medicine.

Dr. Mitch’s vast academic knowledge, coupled with his entertaining delivery, makes him one of the most sought after personalities in his field.  Currently, he is the medical director of Strax Longevity Institute in Lauderhill, FL, medical director for several Natural Medicine companies and a consultant for physicians worldwide, teaching them how to implement integrative medicine into their practices.


with Dr. Mitchell Ghen