Advertising 2020


KMET 1490-AM Spring Advertising Package & 30 Second Commercials

For each 30 second commercial purchased on prime time during 7:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday, KMET 1490-AM will bonus one commercial for each one purchased.  The minimum 13-week Spring Package purchase is $300.00 per month, for three months. Your logo will be placed and linked on KMET 1490-AM website’s Sponsor Page. Commercial production costs and a five minute interview on a M-F

8:00am Morning Show are included. 


Minimum 20 monthly commercials purchased @ $15.00 each              =              $300.00

Bonus 20 monthly commercials at KMET’s expense (no cost, value      =              $300.00)


Monthly payments of $300.00. Ten (10%) discount if total agreement is paid advance. Sample broadcast schedule is 13 weeks.

1) Estimated average overall weekly station listeners for 

    First Quarter 2020 = 304,520

2) Estimated daily online & terrestrial listeners


             6:00am-10:00am  81,723

                                                                                                                     10:00am-3:00pm  71,569


             3:00pm-  7:00pm  789,692

3) 60% of KMET-AM listeners have gone to college

     57% are male

     50% are between 35 & 54

     66% enjoy football & basketball (RAMS & Lakers)

     50% make between 35K & 75K per year and own their

              own homes


4) August 2017 stats showed over 7,000 KMET Android app

    downloads during the month with the release of the free

    KMET phone apps. According to Statista, 58% of the U.S. are

    online radio users. The most listened on-line U.S. cities

    are San  Francisco, followed by Los Angeles.  The

    community of Wood Green (London) lists 7,317 on-line



Bill Bruns

KMET 1490-AM

Phone: 909-553-4436